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Welcome to the Trenton Made Tutorial, we hope that this guide will help you to better understand the game.

In Trenton Made, we encourage you to find the game path that fits you best. You can be ruthless or compassionate. You can be generous or tight fisted. You can be respected, feared, and revered. You can fly solo or become part of a family and become the most formidable group of players in the tri-state area. You can declare war on an enemy, a friend, or an innocent bystander; the choice is yours. You’re here because you mean business and wanna have good time becoming Trenton Made.

General Explore Advancing Attacking Families Preferences

Personal Info and Status Bars

The upper right corner of the screen shows your current name, your user number, your level and the city you are currently in. The right side bar shows your status bars, amount of cash, number of diamonds, number of remaining shakedowns for the day, and number of gym days you have. The status bars show your current energy, will, brave, and health. 1) Energy is used for training and attacking. Food is necessary to regain energy, but dont get too full., 2) Will determines the effectiveness of your training. 3) Brave is used to do crimes, different crimes take more brave to do. The higher brave crimes are harder to succeed at and will require courses, so be careful not to try them to soon. 4) Health shows how much health you have remaining. You lose this if you're hit in a fight.


There are 6 types of stats used on Trenton Made: Strength, Agility, Marksmanship, Guard, Labor, and IQ.

1) Strength determines how much damage you do in battle.
2) Agility is used to determine your hit rate with melee weapons in battle.
3) Marksmanship is used to determine your accuracy with guns in battle.
4) Guard reduces the amount of damage done to you when you are hit.
5) Labor and IQ are used to determine what jobs you are able to do. IQ is also used when committing crimes.

Topbar And Sidebar

The Topbar shows much of the things you are able to do in TM.

  1. Home - Brings you to your homepage. Only you are allowed to see this page.
  2. My Profile – Details the information other players are allowed to see about you.
  3. Preferences - Allows you to change your pics, description, profile colors, etc…
  4. Inventory - Your personal item page details all of your items by category.
  5. Your Job – Shows available jobs or the job you currently have.
  6. Courses – A list of education classes available to you.
  7. Family – For those in families, this is your family’s home page.
  8. Family Forums - Your family’s private forum page.
  9. Game forums - Will take you to the official Trenton Made Forums.
  10. Pet page - Details your pets and their inventory/needs.
  11. Pet hospital – If your pets lose a battle or are neglected they will end up here.
  12. Pet preferences -Allows you to see and change your pet settings.
  13. Mailbox – Your personal mail is here. Will display new messages received.
  14. Events – Very useful for letting you know what other players are doing to you (posting comments, purchasing your items, busting you out of jail, attacking you, etc…) will display number of new events.
  15. Announcements – These come from the game admins only
  16. Trenton Made newspaper – Where you can post or browse player ads.
  17. Online Chat – Want to converse in real-time with fellow players? Check it out!
  18. Hall of Fame – Details the top ranked players in a variety of areas.
The Left Sidebar provides quick links that will speed up game play.
  1. Jail – Shows the number of people currently in jail. Will highlight if you are in jail.
  2. Hospital – Shows the number of people currently in the hospital. Will highlight if you are in the hospital.
  3. Gym - Where you go to train your fighting stats.
  4. Crimes – Shows you all crimes. Select which crime you want to do.
  5. Energy Refill – This is a quick link to refill your energy (you need to have diamonds in the open to use this feature)
  6. Explore - The heart of the game. Lots to see and do.
  7. Users in Town – Shows a list of all the players currently in the town you are in.
  8. Travel Agency – You travel from city to city here.
  9. Estate Agent – See a list of properties available for purchase and the requirements needed to purchase them.
  10. Shakedowns – You get 100 tries a day to shakedown your territory. This gives you free stuff.
  11. Search -Allows you to find other players by their name or their ID.
  12. Player Report -Used to report players that have broken the rules of the game.
  13. Help Tutorial –You are here now.
  14. Game rules –Take a minute to read over these rules. If you break them there are consequences, ignorance is no excuse.

Hospital: This is your injury repair center. New players receive some free medical items, which heal 30 minutes hospital time. You can acquire other medical items on your shakedowns or they can be purchased from one of the stores. If you choose not to heal yourself, you must wait out your time.

Jail: If you get caught doing a crime, you do the time. A smart criminal keeps a nail file handy; they can relieve you of 30 minutes of jail time. As with the medical items, jail items can be acquired during shakedowns or purchased at one of the stores. While in jail, your abilities are restricted. The food is bad, the walls are dirty, and the other inmates think you're pretty.

  1. Shops: Here you can buy med supplies, weapons, armor, mission items and food.
  2. Item Market: You can go and see what people are selling here or post some items for sale.
  3. Diamond Market: Come here to buy or sell Diamonds.
  4. Item Auction: Sell your goods to the highest bidder.
  5. Repair Center: Repair your broken weapons or armor.
  6. Trade Center: You can do private secure trades with other players here.
  7. License Center: Here you can obtain licenses, which are required for certain aspects of game play.
  8. The Pound: Buy a pet
  9. Auto Mart: Purchase a vehicle
  10. Travel Agency: This will bring you to new towns with different shops. You have to choose your method of travel. Gameplay is restricted while travelling. Keep in mind you can only fight someone in your town.
  11. Estate Agent: Buy your properties here.
  12. Stock Market: Buy and sell stocks here
  13. Diamond Bank – Stores your diamonds for safekeeping.
  14. Safe Deposit Box: Costs $20K to open, will keep any amount of money safe.
  15. City Bank: Here you can deposit your money. You must first open an account for $5K, interest is paid daily; however, there is a cap on this account.
  16. Credit Offers:
  17. My Territory: Where you do your shakedowns
  18. Assignments: These are good for leveling and making a little extra cash.
  19. You Garage: Your vehicles are stored here.
  20. Families: See a list of all the Families in Trenton Made.
  21. Family Wars: A list of all current wars between Families.
  22. Mission Center: Sign up for multi step timed missions.
  23. Marriage Center: Propose marriage to another player here. Married couples DO NOT share housing.
  24. Russian Roulette: The chance to challenge other players in a game of life and death.
  25. Russian Roulette Tournaments: multi player RR game.
  26. Hitman Center: Contracts can be taken out on players and Hitmen can accept those contracts.
  27. The Big House: Federal Jail: Where all the suspected cheaters on the game go.
  28. User List: Shows a list of all the players on the game.
  29. Users in Town: Shows a list of all the players currently in the town you are in.
  30. Users Online: Shows which players are active in a certain time period.
  31. Hall of Fame: Details the top ranked players in a variety of areas.
  32. Game Stats: A list of various statistics about the game.
  33. Trenton Made Staff: A list of all the staff on Trenton Made.
  34. Achievement Award: When you reach certain milestones in TM you are eligible for awards that can be exchanged for valuable game items.
  35. Award Exchange: You can exchange your achievement awards for game items here.
  36. Diamond Exchange: Trade your diamonds for various things.
  37. Power Gym: You can enter here if you have power gym scrolls. Your training is 4xs more effective in here.
  38. Poll Center: Vote on various polls here.
  39. Black Market: Click the (?) for info
  40. My Warehouse: Stores your Black Market goods.
  41. Truck Deliveries: Transports your Black Market goods.
  42. Ask the Consigliere: You’ve got questions; he’s got answers. He’s the family advisor.
  43. Slot Machines: Go here to make your fortune, or lose your shirt.
  44. Blackjack: Simplified blackjack game
  45. High/Low game: Will the next card be higher or lower? You make the call.
  46. Simple Roulette: This is the pick a number game
  47. Horse Track: Go and bet on the ponies!
  48. Craps: This may still be in the hospital only
  49. The Lottery: You gotta play to win.

To use the gym, type in the number of times you want to train, select the stat to train and click ok. The next screen will tell you how much of that stat you gained, and what your total in that stat is. If you have a steroid pack? you can use the power gym. The power gym makes each training session 4 times more effective. You use one steroid pack for each training session in the power gym.

Go to the crime screen and select the crime you want to do. Remember that failing a crime will land you in jail. For some crimes you will need to have completed courses and have certain items. The crime rewards are primarily money.

School offers courses that will raise your stats over a certain period of time. There are some courses you will need to complete for your player type in addition to getting licenses and doing crimes and missions.

Your Job
A job will provide you with money at 5:00PM game time every day, as well as raising your job stats everyday

Attacking will gain you experience when you win, but you lose experience if you lose. The amount of experience depends on the comparative strength of your enemy, if they are much weaker, you won't get much experience Attacking is a good way to get experience, and exert your superiority over those weaker than you. In order to attack you need 33% energy, and a weapon. When you win a fight you will get a percentage of experience depending on how much stronger you are compared to the person you are attacking. Clicking another link on the page to try and get out of a battle will result in massive experience loss. When you start a fight, you will have the option of using any weapon that you currently have equipped. Guns will require ammunition; weapons, and armor may break during battle. When they do, they will be unequiped and the broken item will be put in your inventory. Broken items can be repaired in the repair shop for a portion of their original value. If you win in battle, you can either mug the other player for money, leave them lay for experience, or hospitalize them for revenge.

Families are a group of players that band together to work for a common purpose, for fellowship, or taking down the losers in a rival family. Families cost $100K to create, and once you buy it, you are the boss of your family. Only players with the player rank “Boss” can create families. Your faction will initially be able to hold 5 members, but will be able to upgrade to more as time goes on. The Boss will be able to assign an under-boss to the family. Under-bosses can have the player rank “Boss” or “Skipper”. There are two types of Families: Crime and Citizen. Citizen Families are basically peaceful and are unable to carry out Organized Crimes. Crime Families are essentially warring families and are able to commit Organized Crimes for profit. The Boss can also select to go to war with another Family. One should be careful about doing this though, as it may come back to haunt you. Staff will delete families with fewer than 3 members after 1 week, so make sure you have members in mind when creating a Family.

Sex Change
This will allow you to change from male to female and back for a small fee.

Password Change
The place to change your password, you should do this often to avoid having someone use your account if they crack your password.

Name Change
Go here to change your name, remember that you're ID stays the same, so you can't use this to avoid consequences of your actions. Name changes also require a nominal fee.

Change Display Pic
Here you can change the display picture in your profile, it will automatically refit the picture to 200x200. Don't post anything offensive or you may be federal jailed.

Change Food/Jail/Med Shortcuts
You can personalize your shortcuts with this feature. Assign the items you use the most for your convenience.

Forum Info Change
You may change your avatar and signature that shows up in the forums here.

Battle Pic Display Change
You may assign yourself a pic that shows up when you are in a fight.

Battle Pic Display Options
Gives you the option to turn off Battle Display Pics for users with limited Internet connections.

Change Player Type
There are four player types that you may choose from. You have the ability to change your player type until you take one of the courses that is associated with the player type of your choosing.
  • Connected Guy - Quicker Levels
  • Made Guy - Quicker Stats
  • Skipper - Quicker Cash
  • Boss - Run a Family

Staff are here to help you when needed. They are concerned with your enjoyment and welcome feedback.

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